the intelligent flexible feeder

The EYEFEEDER® concept is an all in one solution.  The requirements for an working EYEFEEDER® system are:

  • DENSO robot
  • Vision system

The EYEFEEDER® is a patented flexible feeder with a shake system based on a conveyor belt or a hard plastic surface. The shaking system of the EYEFEEDER® spreads or turns the products in the detection area of the vision system.  The EYEFEEDER® consists of different types and sizes and are based on different techniques. An EYEFEEDER® with an IR backlight unit is in most cases the ideal solution.


We help every customer who needs a robot application where products must be separated for further processing. We can advise you on what is needed to get a fast reliable and simple application working.

The only thing we need is information regarding the product that you want to use with the EYEFEEDER application. We will make a proposal as to which EYEFEEDER model, robot model, vision camera and accessories are required for a properly working application.

The EYEFEEDER® makes 100% flexible non-stop production possible, change of product can be done quickly. This makes automation affordable with low batches. Other than systems with conveyer tracking it does not require a return system which allows compact applications.

Possible applications:
Pick & place, quality control, assembly, machine loading and packaging. Products dimensions up to 250 mm (diagonal) and maximum weight of approximately 300 grams can be handled.

Application examples:
Multiform metal-part feeding, sorting or candy, assembly or speaker houses, transplanting plant cuttings, etc.

If you have any feeding requirements, please contact us for further information.