the intelligent flexible feeder


It is possible to extend the EYEFEEDER® concept with serveral accessories.
These are the main accessories.

vision camera

The vision-system:
Any vision system that suits your product best can be used. 

The best result is achieved when the vision camera is used with an IR-filter. Only the IR-backlight illumination of the EYEFEEDER® will be visible and there is no influence of daylight or other light sources.

The vision system can be directly connected to the DENSO robot-controller via Ethernet. The libraries of several vision-system suppliers available in the DENSO controller, allows you to communicate and calibrate the vision-system using the DENSO software. 

Monitoring the vision-system can also be done at the DENSO teaching-pendant.

Bulkfeeder model EBF
Bulkfeeders for mini EYEFEEDER® models EF0162 / EF0165 / EF0242 / EF0245 / EF0120 / EF0210 / EF0300.
The bulkfeeder is controlled by the EYEFEEDER® software.

The following models are available:
  • EBF015  = 1,5 liter bulkfeeder with narrow output side.
  • EBF040 = 4 liter bulkfeeder with narrow output side.
  • EBF041  = 4 liter bulkfeeder with wide output side.
  • EBF070 = 7 liter bulkfeeder with wide output side
available vibration feeders
available bulk conveyors

Bulkfeeder model EBC
Bulkconveyor for EYEFEEDER® models EF0800 / EF1000 / EF1200. The bulkconveyor is controlled by the EYEFEEDER® software.

The following models are available:

  • EBC012  = 120mm wide bulkfeeder
  • EBC020 = 200mm wide bulkfeeder
  • EBC030 = 300mm wide bulkfeeder
Toplight unit EFT
Some EYEFEEDER® applications work better with toplight. The toplight unit is an alternative for the EYEFEEDER® IR-backlight.

Toplight unit is available in:
  • White LED light
  • Red LED light
The following models are available:
  • EFT240 = for EYEFEEDER® models EF0120-EF0210-EF016x-EF024x.
  • EFT100 = for EYEFEEDER® models EF0800-EF1000-EF0300
  • EFT120 = for EYEFEEDER® model EF1200
EFT unit with Eyefeeder EF1000
Sidelight unit ESL:
EYEFEEDER® applications with clear or reflecting products can work better with sidelight. The sidelight unit is an alternative for the EYEFEEDER® IR-backlight and is available for all EYEFEEDER® models.

The default LED colour is blue, however other colours are a possibility.


We help every customer who needs a robot application where products must be separated for further processing. We can advise you on what is needed to get a fast reliable and simple application working.

The only thing we need is information regarding the product that you want to use with the EYEFEEDER application. We will make a proposal as to which EYEFEEDER model, robot model, vision camera and accessories are required for a properly working application.

The EYEFEEDER® makes 100% flexible non-stop production possible, change of product can be done quickly. This makes automation affordable with low batches. Other than systems with conveyer tracking it does not require a return system which allows compact applications.

Possible applications:
Pick & place, quality control, assembly, machine loading and packaging. Products dimensions up to 250 mm (diagonal) and maximum weight of approximately 300 grams can be handled.

Application examples:
Multiform metal-part feeding, sorting or candy, assembly or speaker houses, transplanting plant cuttings, etc.

If you have any feeding requirements, please contact us for further information.