the intelligent flexible feeder


The system consist of a vision system, a robot and an EYEFEEDER®. Products will have been supplied from a bulk feeder such as a belt elevator or a bulk dispenser. When products are dispensed on the EYEFEEDER®, it forwards the products in the detection area of the vision system. 

If the EYEFEEDER® is equipped with an IR backlight unit, the best combination is a vision camera equipped with an IR filter. This means that there is no influence from unwanted light sources from the outside.

The vision system observes which action is required. If products are well positioned and ready to be picked it will give coordinates to the robot which takes the parts.If there are enough products but not well positioned, the vision system tells the EYEFEEDER® to shake / flip the products so the robot can take them. When there are not enough or no products anymore, the vision system tells the EYEFEEDER® to move new products into the detection area of the vision system.

The requirements for an working EYEFEEDER® system are:

  • DENSO robot (incl. controller and teach-pendant)
  • Vision system
  • Accessories
EYEFEEDER EF0242 application with EBF040 vibration feeder

Easy flexible feeding system:
Programmable which allows you to handle different products at one system that consists of an EYEFEEDER®, a vision-system and a DENSO robot.

Makes fully use of the intelligence of the robot and widely applicable: assembly, handling, load & unloading, packaging, quality control.

The high-speed conveyer positions product fast in detection area of vision-system which allows very short cycle-times; 60 picks per minute possible.

Diverse handling:
Can handle wide diversity of products with dimensions till 250mm (diagonal), max weight: approximately 300gr. Non-massive product handling possible.

2x EYEFEEDER EF1000 application
example of complete EYEFEEDER cell

Compact design:
No return-system required and the small footprint allows a compact design of application. No conveyer tracking so easy to integrate.

Operating and powering fully integrated in the DENSO robot controller. Speed and shaking frequency is easy to adjust by robot teaching pendant.


We help every customer who needs a robot application where products must be separated for further processing. We can advise you on what is needed to get a fast, reliable and simple application working.

The only thing we need is information regarding the product that you want to use with the EYEFEEDER application. We will make a proposal as to which EYEFEEDER model, robot model, vision camera and accessories are required for a properly working application.

The EYEFEEDER® makes 100% flexible non-stop production possible, change of product can be done quickly. This makes automation affordable with low batches. Other than systems with conveyer tracking it does not require a return system which allows compact applications.

Possible applications:
Pick & place, quality control, assembly, machine loading and packaging. Products dimensions up to 250 mm (diagonal) and maximum weight of approximately 300 grams can be handled.

Application examples:
Multiform metal-part feeding, sorting or candy, assembly or speaker houses, transplanting plant cuttings, etc.

If you have any feeding requirements, please contact us for further information.