the intelligent flexible feeder


The EYEFEEDER® is available in different models.
EYEFEEDER models: 800-1000-1200 and 162-165-242-245
EYEFEEDER® models are based on:
  • servo driven conveyor models
  • pneumatic driven plastic surface models
 The EYEFEEDER® is available several sizes:
  • 800, 1000 and 1200 conveyor models
  • 162, 165, 242 and 245 plastic surface models

EYEFEEDER® conveyor based:

The EYEFEEDER® is a patented flexible feeding system which is equipped with servomotors directly driven by the DENSO robot-controller.
This allows to use the EYEFEEDER® without an additional controller (PLC or PCI) or operating panel (HMI).
Conveyer speed and shaking intensity can be quickly adjusted at one window at the DENSO Teaching Pendant and therefor the system can be rapidly adept to another product. 

An EYEFEEDER® backlight unit is optional.

The EYEFEEDER® is available in three different sizes and with different type of belts to optimize vision-detection or part positioning.

There are several types of conveyor belt available.

  • White  (flat and spiked)
  • Blue  (flat and spiked)
  • Black  (flat and spiked)
EYEFEEDER conveyor model
EYEFEEDER plastic surface models
EYEFEEDER® plastic surface based:
The MINI EYEFEEDER® is a patented feeder with a pneumatic shaking system. The software of the MINI EYEFEEDER® is integrated in the DENSO robot controller and communication take place via parallel I/O’s.  Optimal spreading of the products can be obtained by selecting different shaking patterns on the DENSO Teaching Pendant.
The EYEFEEDER® comes standard with IR-backlight.
Its small dimensions make compact applications setup possible.

There are several types of plastic surface tray options:
  • White tray (default)
  • White tray with inlay colored sheets  (flat and spiked)
  • White tray with transparent grid plate.

A new EYEFEEDER product will be available in Q4 2020.

new EYEFEEDER product

Model size table:
The table shows the dimensions of all available models


We help every customer who needs a robot application where products must be separated for further processing. We can advise you on what is needed to get a fast, reliable and simple application working.

The only thing we need is information regarding the product that you want to use with the EYEFEEDER application. We will make a proposal as to which EYEFEEDER model, robot model, vision camera and accessories are required for a properly working application.

The EYEFEEDER® makes 100% flexible non-stop production possible, change of product can be done quickly. This makes automation affordable with low batches. Other than systems with conveyer tracking it does not require a return system which allows compact applications.

Possible applications:
Pick & place, quality control, assembly, machine loading and packaging. Products dimensions up to 250 mm (diagonal) and maximum weight of approximately 300 grams can be handled.

Application examples:
Multiform metal-part feeding, sorting or candy, assembly or speaker houses, transplanting plant cuttings, etc.

If you have any feeding requirements, please contact us for further information.